Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Spiral Flower Pattern .

                                       Spiral Flower

Yarn used is 4ply yarn ( any material it can be like acrylic ,wool or cotton or any )
Crochet  hook  used is 2.25mm for 4ply.
Tapestry needle.
Terms used :
SC = Single crochet
HDC= half double crochet
DC= double crochet
TC= Treble crochet
EXPERIENCE NEEDED:  for  single crochet , HDC,DC, TC.  Crab stitch or reverse single crochet .

Put  13 chains ( 13th chain is only for turning the work around or it can be called a turning chain).

Row 1: Turn and  put  1 SC  in the second cchain from the hook ( or the 12th chain when counted from the beginning) .  put another  SC  in the next chain ( insert hook under both the loops all the time) totally it is 2 SC’s .

Put  1 HDC in the next two chains ( 1 hdc in each ) total 2 HDC’s .

Work  1 DC in the next three stitches ( one in each ) so total of 3 DC’s.
Now work  5 TC’S in the next  5 stitches ( one in each ) so we have total of 5 TC’s.
After  the final  TC , chain one  and  work  reverse single crochet or crab stitch and go all the way to the beginning  of the work( i.e, starting form sc)  and at the end put a chain of 3 ( chain of 3 is for the stsarting of row 2). The crab stitch gives the pattern the kind of rimmed look which is the main thing.
This completes  the first petal and row 1.

Row 2:  (extra care needed for tthis row J)  work 1 sc in the second chain form the hook , work another sc  in the next . Total 2 sc’s.

Work  a HDC on the previous petals  1st sc and another on the next. ( which is worked behind the crab stitch ). Total 2hdc’s.
Now work 3 dc ‘s ( one in each in the next 3 stitches ) . total of 3dc’s.
Work 1 TC in the next stitch  and 2 TC ‘s in the next same stitch  and again work 2 TC’s in the next stitch , total of 5 TC’s . 
At the end work crab stitch and go back to the beginning  of the petal  . At the end of crab stitch work 3 chains , which for the starting of the row3.
Row 3 – Row 10 : repeat  row 2.  Each row has a total of  2 sc’s , 2 hdc’s , 3 dc’s , 5 tc’s . Now you have a total of 10 petals.

After  row 10 fasten off the yarn ,leave a little yarn about  10cms to sew the 10th petal to the first petal .
But before sewing  the  edges  , take a tapestry needle  and add yarn, don’t tie a knot to the end of the yarn added to the needle, leave it free  and  just pass the yarn at the centre of the flower at the edges  through all the petals,  make sure the yarn you needled has enough length coming out of both the edges.

Pull the yarn from both the ends till you have that magical closed spiral centre !

Now sew the edges of the 1st and 10th petal  .
pull the thread after sewing the edges till the hole in the centre is closed.
Turn the flower back and tie a tight knot  maybe 2 or more knots to secure .

Now you should have spiral flower in your  hand  !!! J