Friday, 22 March 2013

Tiny spiral flower with 5 petals .

                                        Tiny Spiral flower.

  Start  with  a chain of  7 .
Row 1 : put  a SC in the second chain from the hook , work a HDC in the next stitch  and  work 4 DC in the remaining stitches .  so we have total of 6 stitches .
  work  reverse SC and come back to the beginning  of the work  after  you finish working a reverse  SC  on top of  1st  Row’s  SC  , work a chain of 3 .  for detailed picture please refer  my  bigger  spiral flower  with  10 petals .
Row 2 : work  a SC in the  2nd chain form the hook , work a HDC in the next , work  1 DC in the next  2 stitches  and work  2 DC’s  into the next  same  stitch. Leaving  the top of previous rows  last 3 dc’s free.
Row 3 : repeat  the same  for this row and till you have 5 petals . 
For  finishing the flower and sewing the ends  please refer  my tutorial for  larger spiral flower .
And i also made a video on this plz check out this link